Foxit Advanced PDF Editor help and info

  • What is Foxit Advanced PDF Editor used for?

    This software enables you to view, customise, share and edit standard PDF documents within a single click. Thanks to its user-friendly nature, Foxit is often preferred by those who are unfamiliar with the more technical aspects associated with PDF editing.

  • Is Foxit Advanced PDF Editor free to download and install?

    There is currently no free version of this software package available to the public. However, please keep in mind that different variants can be downloaded based around your discrete needs. Softonic has provided you with the full paid version.

  • What different types of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor are available?

    You are able to select from three different versions. These are Standard, Business and Education. The Standard variant is commonly chosen for personal use which the Business and Educational bundles may be better for group settings. Please note that each offers a monthly subscription rate.

  • Is Foxit Advanced PDF Editor safe and free from viruses?

    This is one of the most advanced and trusted PDF editors on the market today, so you can remain confident that no viruses or malware is present. Softonic also thoroughly examines each software package before offering it to the public. You will not have to be concerned about the presence of any potential threats.

  • What is the total file size associated with Foxit Advanced PDF Editor?

    The standard file size of this editor is 29.93 megabytes. While requiring less memory than similar packages, you will still be able to enjoy a superior sense of functionality and reliability when choosing this option.

  • Can Foxit Advanced PDF Editor work with Microsoft Office?

    One of the most beneficial aspects of this software package is that it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents. It can work with common file types such as PDF/X, PDF/A and PDF/E. These documents can then be viewed or shared with the use of Microsoft Office.

  • Is there a demonstration version of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor?

    It is possible to request a demonstration version of this product before committing to a purchase. This will enable you to experience its tools and functions as well as to appreciate if it is suited for your requirements.

  • What tools are available in Foxit Advanced PDF Editor?

    You are provided with a host of unique tools. These include (but are not limited to) the ability to change the layout of pages, drop-and-drag functionality, secure cloud-based sharing and even adding watermarks to a document.

  • How do I install Foxit Advanced PDF Editor?

    Once you click on the "Download" box, the file will automatically begin the installation process. You may be asked to confirm the download if your security settings happen to be high.

  • How do I remove Foxit Advanced PDF Editor?

    In the majority of cases, you will navigate to the "Add or Remove Programs" menu. Clicking on the icon will enable you to remove the program. You may need to restart the computer for these changes to take place.

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